Former U.S. Ambassador: Iran Bigger Threat to Middle East than ISIS

A former United States ambassador has issued a statement that the Iranian Regime is a much bigger threat to the security in the Middle East than the so-called Islamic State (ISIS), The Huffington Post reports.

James Franklin Jeffrey, who served as the U.S. Ambassador to Turkey and Iraq under the office of the Former President Obama, stated: “I think the Saudis and the Turks see the biggest threat in the region not as ISIS but as this Russian-Iranian-Syrian alliance — and I believe they are correct. I’ll go further: It’s the Turks and the Saudis who are correct and the Obama Administration is wrong. As I see it, all kinds of recent events, including the execution of Nimr al-Nimr and the recent, more aggressive Turkish actions are part of an effort to get America to wake up.”

As a member of the Defense Policy Board, he pledged for safe zones that will limit the damage that ISIS, Russia, and the Syrian-Iranian coalition could do.

“It would be along the entire border between the Kurdish areas and the Euphrates, around 25 kilometers deep. Though that’s not deep, it would provide a refuge for people as well as serve to cut off ISIS’ links to the outside world.” he said.

The former ambassador, who was also part of the George W. Bush administration, made clear that the 2015 nuclear deal had increasingly worsened the behavior of the Iranian Regime in the region.

He stated that the Obama administration had hoped to encourage the Regime’s moderates but there is no such thing as moderates in the Regime’s lines. All of the members that constitute the Regime are power-hungry and bloodthirsty, and if they see a chance for an even bit of power they are ready to suppress the masses for it.

“Consider the 2009 protests resulting from popular feelings that the election results were rigged. While the “mandate of heaven” may not be forever in the hands of the current Iranian leadership, for the moment, I still see totalitarianism. In the world in general, totalitarianism is not on its way out. And in Iran, you have totalitarianism combined with religious fervor. That’s a potent combination. It’s more than what Putin has”, Jeffrey stated.

In order to achieve security for the Middle East, the world must give the support to the Iranian Resistance, who now serves as a government in exile and are ready to rule with Iran after the Regime is ousted.