Iran’s Maritime Aggression Under Scrutiny

2 May 2016: Last week, Iran was called out by United States House of Representatives Congressman Randy Forbes on its failure to adhere to international maritime law. Congressman Forbes introduced a Resolution into the House that

Pan-Arab Issues

Nasrallah: Hezbollah Fighting in Iraq

Secretary-General declares Israel and the GCC “will fall all together” March 7, 2016: Although frequent reports have claimed that Hezbollah is fighting in Iraq and Yemen, in addition to Syria, on Sunday (March 6th), the

Pan-Arab Issues

Down with KSA Protests Erupt in Iran

Anti-KSA Rhetoric Ramps Up Over Al Nimr Execution January 8, 2016: Mass protests broke out in Tehran on Friday, nearly a week following the attacks on two Saudi diplomatic posts in the country.  Following Friday prayers

Pan-Arab Issues

Saudi to Increase Security Spending

December 30, 2015: Senior Saudi officials said the Kingdom will increase security and military spending in order to help regional issues, especially the war in Yemen. Minister of Economy and Planning of Saudi Arabia Adel Faqih announced the