Iran’s Maritime Aggression Under Scrutiny

2 May 2016: Last week, Iran was called out by United States House of Representatives Congressman Randy Forbes on its failure to adhere to international maritime law. Congressman Forbes introduced a Resolution into the House that


Iranian Missiles Send Message to World

IRGC: “Enemies of the Islamic Revolution and regional security that should be afraid of the IRGC missiles” March 10, 2016: The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) fired two ballistic missiles on Wednesday, as part of


Iran Rewards Terror Attacks On Israel

International Community Outraged as Iran Sponsors Terrorism in Jerusalem February 25, 2016: AFP reported on Wednesday that Iran has established a compensation plan for so-called “martyrs” of what Tehran calls the “Jerusalem Intifada”. According to


IRGC Mocks US ‘Vulnerability’

Iran Detains Navy Boats and Personnel January 12, 2016: Following the release of ten captured US Navy personnel from Iranian custody on Wednesday, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) officials have been quick to push a

Persian Spring

Iran Targets Popular Messaging App

  Iranian authorities have arrested administrators of more than 20 groups on messaging app Telegram, citing the spread of “immoral content” as the reason. This is the latest detention in a clampdown on freedom of expression

Persian Spring

Iran Sanctions USA, Bans Imports

In an effort to further damage US/Iran relations, and to slow the country’s modernization, the Iran Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade announced a unilateral import ban on all american products. The ban, announced by