Iran Uses Commercial Boeing Jets for Military Purposes

These days, evidence emerged that the Iranian regime is using commercial air flights to transport soldiers from Iran to Syria. This is a total breach of the nuclear deal that Iran signed with the U.S., an agreement that allowed U.S. aircraft producers to sell aircraft and spare parts to the regime but restricted to commercial traffic.

The new evidence emerged at a point when top U.S. air carrier manufacturer Boeing continued with a multi-billion dollar deal to sell Iran Air a new modern fleet. Many U.S. lawmakers have opposed the agreement due to Iran’s longstanding use of commercial aircraft for military purposes.

As a reaction to Iran’s breach of the nuclear agreement, four senior U.S. congressmen urged the U.S. government to investigate the illegal activities of the Iranian regime such as using passenger aircraft to move military and paramilitary forces to Syria.

Peter Roschem, Andy Bar, Lysel Dan and Turner sent a letter to the Secretary of the Treasury of America, where they offer photographic evidence of the transfer. In the letter, the congressmen stated that the use of these aircraft for military purposes violated the Iranian regime’s commitments provided in the agreement and they urged the U.S. government to redraw the license to sell American aircraft to the Iranian regime. This action shows that the U.S. policy on Iran is that of ending Iranian meddling and war mongering in the region.