New Restrictions Imposed on Former President Khatami, Reports Say

Reports about new restrictions imposed on former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami are circulating on Iranian websites and social media, Radio Farda reports. Some sources say that Mohammad Reza Tabesh, a leading member of parliament and a relative of Khatami has expressed regret over what he termed as new restrictions, without providing any details.

Unconfirmed reports on social media networks speak of a situation similar to house arrest for Khatami, but Fars news agency, close to the Revolutionary Guards and Mehr news agency have denied any new restrictions.

Kalameh, a website representing the reformist opposition Green Movement, reports in specific that “The Special Clerical Court has sent a letter to Khatami’s residence, signed by the Special Clerical Prosecutor, Ebrahim Raisi, informing him that for three months he is not allowed to participate in any political and promotional gatherings”.

Ebrahim Raisi is a mid-ranking hardline clergyman who ran for the presidency in May and lost to the incumbent Hassan Rouhani. Kalameh adds that according to the letter Khatami has received, he is banned from participation in almost any public gathering, except family affairs. He is not even allowed to have private meeting, with people other than members of his family.