Political Prisoner Arzhang Davoudi on Hunger Strike

The political prisoner, Arzhang Davoudi has gone on hunger and medicine strike since August 20, 2017, in Zabul Prison located in Southeastern Iran to express solidarity with the prisoners of Gohardasht Prison. He is suffering from diabetes and heart disease. As soon as he heard about the strike of political prisoners in Gohardasht Prison, he also started his strike to support them and to also protest against the poor condition of Zabul Prison. Arzhang Davoudi has also announced that he is not going to stop his strike unless his demands are fulfilled. This political prisoner has been kept in solitary confinement and is under pressure for more than 10 days.

The cell he is imprisoned in is very small and lacks any basic human facilities. The interrogators of the IRGC ordered Zabul Prison’s warden to transfer him to solitary confinement in order to put pressure on him. The interrogators of the IRGC are struggling not to release any news about the situation of Arzhang Davoudi. They have even threatened the prison guards as well. The warden of Gohardasht Prison told the Political Prisoners on Strike, ‘I do not Allow Any Medical Examination.’

The Warden of Gohardasht Prison, Mohammad Mardani addressed the political prisoners on strike stating that he will not allow them to undergo a medical examination since he does not recognize their protest. Mohammad Mardani obeys the orders of the IRGC’s interrogators in Gohardasht Prison.

Many political prisoners transferred to Hall 10 of Ward 4 have been going on hunger strike for 26 days in Gohardasht Prison. Their health condition is acute and worrisome. They have started their strike to protest against the brutal attacks of the prison guards as well as their unwanted transfer to the isolated Hall 10.

Following the domestic and international concern about the status of these prisoners, Tehran’s prosecutor-general, Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi on Wednesday, August 23, 2017, stated, “We announce to all prisoners on strike that these actions have been failed.”

On Wednesday, August 23, 2017, as the families of political prisoners of Gohardasht Prison visited the Prosecutor’s Office, the security guard treated them with violence and insult. The families of these prisoners wanted to hand over letters to the State Prisons Organization about the illegal treatments towards the prisoners. Nevertheless, the security guard treated them with violence.