Regime Change in Iran Will Not Need War

Regime Change in Iran does not require foreign military intervention, according to a human rights activist. Shahriar Kia, a member of the Iranian opposition (PMOI /MEK), wrote an op-ed for Riyadh Daily in which he explained why international sanctions against the Regime would be much more effective than a costly war.

“The Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) is this regime’s Achilles Heel and weak point. If comprehensive and immediate sanctions truly disarm the regime of this lever and expel the IRGC from the Middle East, the pillar protecting Iran’s religious dictatorship in the face of popular uprisings and international crises will crumble.” he wrote.

The IRGC is the Regime’s personal terror squad and is responsible for quelling political opposition, oppressing the Iranian people and eliminating dissidents. They played the active role in the execution of over 120,000 political prisoners since 1979. They are also the key figures in Tehran’s warmongering and the export of terrorism.

“The IRGC was behind the crackdown campaigns of Iran’s 1999 and 2009 uprisings, and the oppression of Iran’s religious and ethnic minorities, including the Kurds, Iranian Arabs in Ahvaz and Baluchistan.” Kia wrote.

They are also in charge of the Iranian Regime’s nuclear programme, ballistic missile drive, and the country’s economy.

“To this end, the IRGC has become this dictatorship’s political, strategic and economic guardian. Despite all this, warmongering and exporting terrorism is of the utmost importance for Tehran and the IRGC has monopolized such a role.” Kia wrote.

The IRGC is a destructive force in the Middle East, fuelling sectarian strife and exporting terrorism. They do this because the Iranian Regime is so scared of being overthrown that they have to weaken the countries around them.

“If Iran actually enjoyed stability and power there would never be any need to resort to terrorism. Exporting terrorism and instigating sectarian wars, considering the heavy political price on the international stage and isolations, would never be in Tehran’s interest if it enjoyed stability at home. Meddling in other countries is aimed at cloaking the crises that currently endanger the mullahs’ entire existence.” Kia wrote.

The Regime is unstable, disliked by its people, and is essentially on the edge of a cliff. That is why regime change is necessary, but Kia stresses that sanctions against the IRGC that control so much of Iran, will prove fatal to the mullah’s Regime.

“Following the adoption of a new Congress sanctions bill – signed into law by President Donald Trump – targeting the IRGC and designating this entity as a global terrorist, all the articles of this initiative must be implemented immediately and without any loopholes.”

“For regime change in Iran, there is no need for war or military intervention by a foreign state. The international community needs only to end its appeasement, economic deals, and concessions to Tehran, which is literally maintaining this dictatorship in power. The Iranian people and their organized opposition are fully capable of realizing this change.” he underlined.