Struggle against Appalling Conditions, Methods of Punishment ‘A Heroic Act’

The German Committee in solidarity with the Free Iran that consists of the representatives of federal and state parliaments, lawyers and human Rights activists, expresses its solidarity with the demands of the Iranian political prisoners on hunger strike in the Gohardasht Prison. A statement by the Chair of this Committee, Otto Bernhard, addressing the prisoners, said: “The regime in Tehran has ruthlessly trampled all international standards of imprisonment.

“It has shown no respect for the values of the international community. We will invariably support you and appreciate the international supporters and politicians who have been taking measures against the deteriorating conditions you are in. We are confident that many members of the European Parliament and the national parliaments in the EU support us as well.” the statement further reads.

The German Committee in Solidarity with Free Iran added, “Along with you, we demand an investigation into the 1988 massacre of political prisoners by an impartial international body to prosecute the perpetrators of the crime.”

“Your struggle against the appalling conditions and the methods of punishment is a heroic act and it has spurred our solidarity.”

“However, let me ask you to end your two-month hunger strike. We will fully support your fair demands because we need you. We wholeheartedly hope that you will regain your health. We will be extremely eager to continue fighting alongside you for the freedom in your country, Iran.”