Iran Detains 230 Boys and Girls for Drinking, Dancing

Iran’s semi-official ISNA news agency is reporting that police have detained 230 boys and girls at separate parties in the capital Tehran in which alcohol was involved.

The Friday report says Tehran police arrested 140 of the young partygoers in a garden in Lavasan, on the outskirts of Tehran and 90 in the city’s uptown Ramallah while dancing and drinking alcohol Thursday night. Drinking alcohol and mixed parties of unrelated men and women are illegal and considered a sin under Islamic law in Iran.

“These people were arrested in two separate operations. One of the parties was in a garden in Lavasan, with 140 people who were drinking alcohol. The other party was at a mansion in Ramallah, where 90 people were arrested. Some people at the party invited others to participate in the event by sharing their images live on Instagram,” said Colonel Zulfiqar Burfer, head of the Tehran-based Multinational Security Police.

The report said some participants posted an invitation to others to join on Instagram and police arrested them. ISNA also said some alcoholic beverages and psychotropic drugs were confiscated.