Iranian Cleric Issued Fatwa to Kill Kidnapped Saudi Judge Jirani

An Iranian cleric had issued a fatwa to members of a terrorist cell which kidnapped Saudi Judge Mohammed al-Jirani over a year ago, Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper reported on Saturday.

The fatwa ordered killing and burying Jirani 48 hours after he was kidnapped in Qatif province, said Asharq Al-Awsat sources.

According to the sources, the kidnappers were unable to hide the judge for a longer period on an abandoned farm in Awamiyah. The latter situation promoted them to seek the help of a cleric in Iran who had later issued the fatwa to permit the killing.

The slain judge Jirani was kidnapped from his home in Tarout in December of 2016. His remains were found nearly a week ago, while Saudi security forces killed one of the kidnappers and arrested his half-brother.