Iran: Political Prisoners Victims of Unspeakable Crimes and Neglect

Political prisoners in the Zahedan Prison announced their solidarity with the political prisoners who are on a hunger strike in the Gohardasht Prison.

“The crimes and the insult and neglect of the rights of the people whose only desire is to achieve their citizenship rights; unfortunately, under the banner of this regime, there is no right, nor the rights that one wants to defend it.” the statement of political prisoners in Zahedan reads.

“This time this cruel regime has put intense pressure on the political prisoners of Gohardasht Prison, where on July 30, 2017, on the pretext of the inspection, they brought all the prisoners out of their cells and gathered them in the prison hall, and took them under the worst inspection method disregarding their sanctity and dignity. They took away personal belongings of the prisoners and transferred them to a closed hall, which is practically similar to the torture chamber. Meanwhile, the political prisoners faced with beating and mayhem by the security guards in the worst possible way after they tried to defend their trampled rights and protested against this inhumane mistreatment,” the letter further adds.

Due to the fact that as political prisoners, they face barbarism and brutal acts of this regime, the only thing they can do, is to protest against these inhumane acts and alert the people of Iran and the world of the cruelty and wanton behavior of the regime and violation of human rights.

“Therefore, we the political prisoners of the Zahedan central prison are protesting against these brutal acts of this regime. We condemn the regime’s unforgivable crimes and support the political prisoners in Gohardasht Prison, who are in the long-running hunger strike. We can only obtain our rights if an organization stays behind the oppressed political prisoners,” the letter reads.