Iran: The West Creates Terror Groups

IRGC's Yadollah Javani (Photo Credit: Trend News)
IRGC’s Yadollah Javani (Photo Credit: Trend News)

Senior Iranian military official Yadollah Javani stated to Trend News Agency on Sunday that Iran and Russia follow a joint objective of fighting terrorism in Syria.

Javani praised Russia’s recent military action in Syria, saying that it displays a strong will to follow through with this fight. He asserted that these actions are necessary to protect both Iran and Russia, in addition to other regional countries such as Iraq and Lebanon.


Putin and Rouhani (Photo Credit: ABNA)
Putin and Rouhani (Photo Credit: ABNA)


Placing blame on the West, Javani stated “Despite Western countries’ claims about fighting terrorism, not only they have not fought against terrorist groups, but the US, some European countries, and Israel are rearing these terrorist groups.”

Despite recent Iranian state media reports of Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) and Hezbollah fighter deaths, Javani claimed that Iran’s policy of playing a mere consultative role on the ground hasn’t changed. He maintains that the Syrian Army can provide enough on the ground support to Russian airstrikes. Russia’s military campaign against the Islamic State launched on September 30, responding to a request from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.