Iran’s Maritime Aggression Under Scrutiny

2 May 2016: Last week, Iran was called out by United States House of Representatives Congressman Randy Forbes on its failure to adhere to international maritime law. Congressman Forbes introduced a Resolution into the House that

Pan-Arab Issues

Nasrallah: Hezbollah Fighting in Iraq

Secretary-General declares Israel and the GCC “will fall all together” March 7, 2016: Although frequent reports have claimed that Hezbollah is fighting in Iraq and Yemen, in addition to Syria, on Sunday (March 6th), the


Iran: Bahraini Killed in KSA a Martyr

Bahraini in Terror Cell Killed by Saudi Security Forces February 24, 2016: Iran is ramping up interference in Saudi Arabia’s internal security matters in Qatif by claiming a Bahraini Shiite was “martyred” by Saudi security

Persian Spring

Iran’s Hypocrisy on Women’s Rights

Iran’s Policies Highlighted in Attacks on Bahrain February 10, 2016: Amid rising tensions between Iran and Arab Gulf countries, Iran continues its sustained negative media tirade against Bahrain, making its subversive intentions for the country


Anti-US Propaganda In Overdrive

January 26, 2016: Nearly two weeks after Iran’s IRGC took 10 United States sailors into captivity, Iran’s leaders and media continue to use the questionably legal incident for anti-US propaganda purposes. The latest media coverage


Captive US Soldiers Paraded on Media

Iran Flouts Geneva Convention Using Captives for Propaganda January 13, 2016: The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting released footage on Wednesday of the detainment and captivity of US sailors hours after the Americans were finally


IRGC Mocks US ‘Vulnerability’

Iran Detains Navy Boats and Personnel January 12, 2016: Following the release of ten captured US Navy personnel from Iranian custody on Wednesday, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) officials have been quick to push a