Persian Spring

Iran blames Saudi for Kurdish Uprising

June 28, 2016: A Persian Spring may be closer than it seems as the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran clashed with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Northern Iran, resulting in 11 dead KDPI fighters.


Iranian Missiles Send Message to World

IRGC: “Enemies of the Islamic Revolution and regional security that should be afraid of the IRGC missiles” March 10, 2016: The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) fired two ballistic missiles on Wednesday, as part of

Persian Spring

Iran’s Hypocrisy on Women’s Rights

Iran’s Policies Highlighted in Attacks on Bahrain February 10, 2016: Amid rising tensions between Iran and Arab Gulf countries, Iran continues its sustained negative media tirade against Bahrain, making its subversive intentions for the country

Persian Spring

Regime Consolidates Hardliners’ Power

January 27, 2016: A member of the Policy Committee for Reformists said last week that Iran’s Guardian Council disqualified a majority of reformist-leaning candidates from upcoming parliamentary elections. Only 30 out of 3,000 hopeful reformist


Anti-US Propaganda In Overdrive

January 26, 2016: Nearly two weeks after Iran’s IRGC took 10 United States sailors into captivity, Iran’s leaders and media continue to use the questionably legal incident for anti-US propaganda purposes. The latest media coverage

Pan-Arab Issues

Iran: Assad’s Presidency Is a Red Line

December 6, 2015: Senior Advisor to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, Ali Akbar Velayati, reiterated today that Syria’s Bashar al-Assad’s future presidency is a red line that is not negotiable for Tehran. He reiterated that

Persian Spring

Iran Targets Popular Messaging App

  Iranian authorities have arrested administrators of more than 20 groups on messaging app Telegram, citing the spread of “immoral content” as the reason. This is the latest detention in a clampdown on freedom of expression

Persian Spring

Fear, Bias on Revolutionary Day

Iran uses media control to maintain support for its leadership. The most recent example of this is the way that the FARS news agency has handled the 36th anniversary of the storming of the US Embassy