Nationwide Protests, Strikes Continue Throughout Iran

The protests of workers, peasants and other poor people throughout the country, who are deprived of their fundamental rights and unable to provide the basic living needs, continues, the National Council of Resistance of Iran repots.

On Monday night January 29, the people of Bandar Abbas expressed their hatred of the Velayat-e Faqih system by chanting slogans “Vigilant Iranian, Support, Support” and “Death to Rouhani”. A group of people in Kerman chained their hands together in Kowthar Ave and square. When surrounded by the police, the youth and people of Kerman chanted: “Police, Police, support, support”.

A group of inhabitants of Mehr Housing in Sar-e-Pol-e Zahab gathered outside the city’s governorate. They protested against government bodies that sold people the buildings that lacked the most basic infrastructure and security. Three months after the earthquake, the mullahs’ regime refuses to respond to the owners of the destroyed houses.

Fajr Petrochemical workers in Bandar-e-Mahshahr went on strike in protest at the failure to pay their fringe benefits for months related to difficult conditions. Workers and employees of the world heritage in Haft-Tappeh in Shoosh and Chagha-Zanbil protested against non-payment of their salaries for four months.  Workers of Shushtar Aquatic Structures and workers of the World Heritage Site, who have not received their salaries for four months, held protest gathering.

Workers of the Zanjan Railway Traverse Company gathered outside the Zanjan railway building to protest against non-payment of their salaries for two months. The number of workers in this railroad sector has dropped from 500 to 300 since 2015. 7800 workers of Travers Company throughout the country have not been paid for months. The striking workers in various cities prevent the movement of trains in some hours by blocking the railroad.

A group of “Yas” soap factory workers in Khorramshahr gathered again in protest against the nonpayment of their wages. The cessation of production in the factory led to unemployment of 150 workers. Workers who are on the verge of retirement are in an uncertain condition due to the factory situation. 80 workers have not yet received their wages and benefits and insurance since 2016. In Fasa, sugar factory workers gathered in protest of failure to pay their two months’ wages and lack of facilities for workplace safety.

According to the state-run ILNA news agency, in the ensuing of the past three week’s protest gatherings by a group of Kiancord Factory workers across the factory building, on Tuesday morning, January 30, the workers also held a similar gathering in front of the governorate building in Malayer. The number of the protesters who are “Kiancord Factory employees” in the city of Malayer, Hamadan province, is estimated to be up to 250 workers.

According to the protesting workers, during the gatherings in the past few days, the provincial officials in a meeting with the workers promised to address their problems in the coming days, but in practice nothing has happened yet. They say that “although we are optimistic about the promise, but having received only one month of the six-month wage arrears, we cannot abandon our pursuit because of livelihood difficulties, and so today we have decided to go to the Malayer’s governorate.”

Masses of metro passengers in Golshahr in Karaj protested against stopping the train and getting money for tickets. They attacked the metro management building and pulled down the image of the Khamenei. The protest gathering of deprived farmers in Kerman continued in front of the governor’s building. Their work is disrupted due to detouring the water in their area.  The gathering of 200 Isfahan steel company workers continued in protest at the failure to pay their salaries.

One week after the Nilou Tile workers’ protest in Najaf Abad due to failure to pay their 28-month salary, government agents fail to respond to their demands. The employees of the Isfahan Abnil continued their protests for the third day. The protest of Boroujerd Municipality workers continued for the third day. They have not received any pay for their work for one year. In Yasouj, a group of contract staff of the Ministry of Transportation of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province protested at the lack of job security.

In Tehran, a number of workers of the Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company gathered in front of the municipality to protest against the five-year postponement of delivery of their homes by the company’s housing cooperative. The inhabitants of Kan in Tehran protested against terrible services in their area during the winter. The workers of the alloy steel company in Yazd continued their protest gathering in front of the city’s governorate. They demanded the re-establishment of the 20-year retirement pension for jobs in the industry.

Bazar Merchants of Bajestan in Khorasan Province protested by closing their shops against their improper livelihoods. Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari farmers and maize growers protested in front of the Hafshejan sugar mill on Monday to protest delays in paying their claims. Passengers at the Khomeini International Airport in Tehran protested chanting slogan “incompetent manager, shame on you.”