Teenage Iranian Gymnast Girl Summoned for Improper Veiling

A 12-year-old girl has been summoned to disciplinary committee because of her photos of being published in gymnastics costumes! Kiana Abdipour has allegedly participated in a gymnastic match in Malaysia with a ‘non-Islamic’ costume, during a family trip to Armenia, Iran Human Rights Monitor reports.

Iran regime’s Tasnime news agency, reported on Monday December 25 that recently the images of an Iranian gymnast girl have been published, showing her participating in competitions hosted by Kuala Lumpur city in Malaysia, in which hijab cover and appropriate Costume are not seen by this young girl and her costume is just like the ones non Muslims wear during the matches.

Following the release of the alleged photos, Zahra Incheh Daragahi, chairwoman of the gymnasium federation of the Iranian regime, said:

“This dispatch was not from the federation. The trip was conducted by his family and his father accompanied her on this trip. Of course, this is what I have seen in the pictures that his father has been with him in the tournament. So, it’s likely that this is a tourist trip with her father, and the federation has not played a role. ”

The chairwoman of the gymnastics federation also said:

“Unfortunately, we have to deal with this case, and we will inform the Ministry of Sports and Youth with the decision of the disciplinary committee about the action to be done. It’s so unique that it has even surprised us.”

Farshid Abdiopour, the father of the ten-year-old girl, has denied claims about his daughter and said she has not participated in Malaysia gymnastics competition. He stressed that photos which were published on social networks are related to his daughter’s training in Armenia, and he himself has recorded these pictures.

“These pictures are not related to the Kuala Lumpur contest, and my daughter was training in Armenia. This was our visit to Armenia with my family and in the presence of my wife, my daughter and son,” he told the ISNA news agency.

He further stated: “They want to connect me to this issue. They have hacked photos from my phone and I do not know which photos were published. My daughter did not go to Malaysia at all and I can prove it with her passport. The Armenian exercises were held separately for girls and boys in two venues and these photos were taken after the end of the training and with the presence of foreign coaches. ”

In the end and concerning her daughter being summoned to the disciplinary committee,” he said,” My personal trip is not up to anyone. There was no match there and my daughter was practicing and the hall of girls and boys was separate. “