Leaked Iran, Hezbollah Documents Reveal Collapse of Houthi

A number of secret fields and military study documents prepared by the Jihadi Office of the Houthi militia under the supervision of Iranian experts and Hezbollah revealed cracks in the ranks of the Houthis, Al Arabiya reports.

The military intelligence unit of the Yemeni armed forces on Sunday revealed some of the documents, which they said were obtained from “special sources in the militia’s leadership”. The documents were analyzed in complete secrecy and were circulated within limited respective departments.

Part of the documents, publicized by the Yemeni armed forces’ press center, revealed a state of collapse in the militia’s frontlines, more importantly on the military and security fronts in various areas in Yemen.

The study that was created on August 22, 2017, also revealed that the militia has suffered great losses in their combat fighter training units. The document added that most of the trainers were killed on battlefronts around Yemen, making the militia in a strong need to train more fighters.

The documents also revealed significant human losses on battlefronts which the militia is trying to keep secret. However, the document said that the losses are easily thousands of militiamen on fronts including Bihan and Naham.

The document also mentioned treason and infiltrations within the ranks of the militia. Their field commanders have mostly been killed or wounded, as well as reports of mismanagement in various aspects. Civilians have been placed in leadership posts with no qualifications and a maximum Secondary level education, the documents also said.

The study pointed out that these results are due to unorganized management and “excessive complacency” by the militia’s leadership in handling what the study called “infiltrations and betrayals”. The study also mentioned the militia’s weakness in acquiring information about the movements of the legitimate forces.

The documents also included minutes of meetings of the Houthi field leaders with the Houthi’s leading figure, Abdul Malik al-Houthi, warning him of complacency in developing necessary and quick solutions to avoid a major collapse. They pointed out during the meeting their need to militarize civilians who live close to Houthi military sites.