IRGC Navy Military Build-Up in Gulf

March 11, 2016: Iran’s new powerboats may not leave footprints but they certainly leave an impression. A fleet of militarized speed boats were released March 10th (2016) as part of “Iran’s military doctrine…based on deterrence,”


Iranian Missiles Send Message to World

IRGC: “Enemies of the Islamic Revolution and regional security that should be afraid of the IRGC missiles” March 10, 2016: The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) fired two ballistic missiles on Wednesday, as part of

Pan-Arab Issues

Nasrallah: Hezbollah Fighting in Iraq

Secretary-General declares Israel and the GCC “will fall all together” March 7, 2016: Although frequent reports have claimed that Hezbollah is fighting in Iraq and Yemen, in addition to Syria, on Sunday (March 6th), the

Persian Spring

Iran: Hezbollah Not a Terrorist Organization

March 2, 2016: Iran and Hezbollah are lashing out in response to a Gulf States initiative to designate the Lebanese paramilitary group as a terrorist organization.  GCC Secretary General Rashid al-Zayani accuses Hezbollah of recruitment

Pan-Arab Issues

Syrian Ceasefire Not Producing Results

Iran Questions US Motives in Ceasefire while Russia Continues to Bomb Aleppo March 1, 2016: It wasn’t but a mere 24 hours after the United States, Russia, Syria and Iran reached a ceasefire pact in