Angry People Attack Iranian Supreme Leader’s Corrupted Representative

Iranian social media users shared a video showing an angry mob attacking and breaking into Cleric Hassan Abutrabi, the Iranian supreme leader’s representative and preacher, in Borujerd city,  Al Arabiya reports.

The reason behind the attack was Abutrabi’s involvement corruption and taking the people’s money, according to various Iranian news sites including The money in question was originally deposited by the people to earn interest through their banking, but the concerned institutions declared bankruptcy and closed due to their inability to repay the owners.

The attack resulted in fist fights and quarrels involving sharp objects between the protesters and Abutrabi’s security while his office was torn apart. Iranian activists linked the incident to the rise in the number of angry citizens’ attacks on religious men due to the latter being involved in corruption, and occupying positions of power, wealth, jobs and opportunities at the expense of marginalized groups in the country.

Demonstrations and rallies against government linked financial institutions, persist in various Iranian provinces and cities after they first erupted months ago. The demonstrations also seek to express the people’s dismay towards the Revolutionary Guards taking their money.

Earlier this year, a similar incident happened where an angry young man attacked a cleric at a Tehran metro station, stabbing him several times with a knife while saying he was doing this for “good deeds” and “freeing people from Mullah’s injustice.” The attacker was shot dead instantly.