Iran Rewards Terror Attacks On Israel

Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammed Fathali (Photo Credit- IRNA)
Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammed Fathali (Photo Credit-IRNA )
Iranian Ambassador to Lebanon Mohammed Fathali (Photo Credit-IRNA )

International Community Outraged as Iran Sponsors Terrorism in Jerusalem

February 25, 2016: AFP reported on Wednesday that Iran has established a compensation plan for so-called “martyrs” of what Tehran calls the “Jerusalem Intifada”. According to the report which is published in Lebanon’s Daily StarIran’s ambassador to Lebanon, Mohammad Fathali, said Wednesday that Tehran would offer $7,000 to the families of each Palestinian killed … [and] $30,000 to Palestinian families whose homes have been destroyed by Israel because a member is accused of carrying out an anti-Israeli attack….

In the wake of a wave of violence in Jerusalem that has witnessed guns, knifes, and even cars being turned on Jerusalem’s inhabitants resulting in numerous deaths and injuries, Fathali recently met with members of terrorist groups Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah in Beirut.  At that meeting and a press conference held afterwards, he pledged funding for those involved in attacks on Israel.

Khamenei with Mashael from Hamas, 2016 (Photo Credit- Reuters)
Khamenei with Mashael from Hamas, 2014 (Photo Credit- Reuters)                                                                                                          

Iran has long been supporting terrorism on a global scale, but after the removal of economic sanctions as a result of the JCPOA agreement they clearly have no intention of stopping and have a greater source of funding to channel into such destabilizing activities in the region.

Israel responded with a strong statement by the Prime Minister who said, “This shows that Iran, even after the nuclear agreement (with world powers), is continuing to aid terrorism, including Palestinian terrorism, Hezbollah terrorism and its assistance to Hamas….”