Iran Rewards Terror Attacks On Israel

International Community Outraged as Iran Sponsors Terrorism in Jerusalem February 25, 2016: AFP reported on Wednesday that Iran has established a compensation plan for so-called “martyrs” of what Tehran calls the “Jerusalem Intifada”. According to


Iran: Bahraini Killed in KSA a Martyr

Bahraini in Terror Cell Killed by Saudi Security Forces February 24, 2016: Iran is ramping up interference in Saudi Arabia’s internal security matters in Qatif by claiming a Bahraini Shiite was “martyred” by Saudi security

Persian Spring

Iran’s Hypocrisy on Women’s Rights

Iran’s Policies Highlighted in Attacks on Bahrain February 10, 2016: Amid rising tensions between Iran and Arab Gulf countries, Iran continues its sustained negative media tirade against Bahrain, making its subversive intentions for the country