Iranian People Should Be Prioritized in Foreign Policy

U.S. and its allies have been attempting to deal with the Iranian regime for a quite long time which resulted in many failed policies of moderation where leaders are trying to connect to the moderate circles in the regime and there but a strategy that will confront the issue overall has not yet been thought of, Iran Focus reports.

However, human rights have always been put aside, as the leaders were trying to focus on specific issues. EU leaders made attempts to confront Iran’s aggressive policies by making economic opportunities for Iran, and the Obama administration led the way in ignoring Iran’s aggression and giving it incentive after incentive. The policies applied to Iran cannot be named as successful motions, as the Regime is constantly benefiting from them, but it does not make any changes to decrease its aggressive behavior globally.

Here lies the main component that is the center of the story, and that is the people of Iran. The Iranians are the greatest victims of the Iranian regime and their voice is certainly the most important thing in these events. They are in a desperate need of democracy and have never had enough support from the international community.

However, after Donald Trump was elected president of U.S., it seems like things might take a turn for the better. He acknowledged the human rights issue as a major problem and described the people of Iran as the first victims of the ruling theocracy. Iran is the leading executioner per capita, and the people are punished for speaking out about their opposition to the Iranian regime, whereas political prisoners are tortured, mistreated and risk being executed.

For the past few years, the nuclear accord has been the main focus of the international community, but it is only now that people are starting to realize that this is one very important issue that needs to be addressed. It is highly important that the Iranian regime’s treatment of the people of Iran is addressed as a completely different issue to the nuclear threat.

The U.S. administration has made it very clear that the people of Iran are not being left out when it comes to any policy it pursues. The people of Iran do not have the full support from the international community, however, they are very strongly supported by the main Iranian opposition. For years, the opposition has been working for a free and democratic Iran under which the people can enjoy the same human rights that are taken for granted by so many.

The opposition is organized and is ferocious when it comes to fairness and justness and its fight can only be helped with a powerful support from the U.S. administration and other world leaders. Iranian leaders must be halted from trying to silence the people of the country.