Khamenei Attacks US and KSA on ISIS

Grand Ayatollah Criticizes Purchase of American Weapons December 31, 2015: Khamenei’s official website published an interview with the Iranian leader on the occasion of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. Khamenei said that Iran must not

Pan-Arab Issues

Saudi to Increase Security Spending

December 30, 2015: Senior Saudi officials said the Kingdom will increase security and military spending in order to help regional issues, especially the war in Yemen. Minister of Economy and Planning of Saudi Arabia Adel Faqih announced the

Pan-Arab Issues

Qatar Invites Iran to Human Rights Conference

December 30, 2015: The head of Iran’s National Human Rights Commission, Javad Larijani, met with Qatar’s National Human Rights Commission chairman Ali bin Samikh Al Marri. Al-Marri emphasized that the strengthening of the countries’ bilateral

Persian Spring

Iran’s Oil Revenues Cut by 60%

Central Bank Announces Cut of Oil Revenues December 29, 2015: The Central Bank of Iran issued a new report on Iran’s oil income. Oil income in Iran this spring, compared to last year’s spring, has declined by

Pan-Arab Issues

Iran: Assad’s Presidency Is a Red Line

December 6, 2015: Senior Advisor to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei, Ali Akbar Velayati, reiterated today that Syria’s Bashar al-Assad’s future presidency is a red line that is not negotiable for Tehran. He reiterated that

Persian Spring

Ayatollah: Ban Working Women

December 6, 2015: Saying that working has enabled women in gaining independence leading to an increased divorce rate, Isfahan-based Ayatollah Tabatabai-Nejad has proposed “a ban on women working in ministries, in companies, or as shop